"The Show Goes On ™" combines the realities of the live entertainment industry with the love, laughter and drama of a family business in Detroit. This family just happens to produce over 30 concerts every summer at the beautiful Aretha Franklin Amphitheatre off of the Detroit river.

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Episode 1 – The Box Office

The Chene Park Amphitheatre has a loyal following of music lovers and when the box office opens it is always an event. People camped out overnight to get the seats at the shows they want. Meanwhile, Shahida has a meeting to try and bring Alice in Chains to the venue for some hot ROCK shows.

Episode 2 – Internet Defeated

There is nothing like LIVE performances. In this episode the family recounts how someone was late and how that can cost you. Also, Shahida and T.I. discuss him becoming an official Detroit resident.

Episode 3 – The Tribute

With only 7 days to plan and produce the wake of a Queen the family did not flinch. The fact that this was one of five shows back-to-back just made it another day at Chene Park…which is now The Aretha.

Episode 4 – The Name Change

There is a great history of music in this place and the family business is doing what it takes to protect the legacy. The city of Detroit laid the Queen to rest in an epic home-going service and Chene Park was reborn as the Aretha Franklin Amphitheatre.

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